The Road to Iowa

We Heathens hit the road and went up to Iowa over the weekend. Sadly, Chris wasn’t able to make these shows and Judd was needed in Topeka Saturday morning, so the remaining four hit the road. We went to Spicoli’s Grill and Reverb Rock Garden in Waterloo, Iowa Friday Night. We were scheduled to play a 1- 1 ½ hour set between a couple of bands, but when we got there at 7pm the first band (The Ramblers) were in the middle of their sets, and the other band (Whiskey And Woe) had to cancel, leaving us to fill the rest of the night. Sometime you just gotta roll with it and Whiskey And Woe's bad luck meant good luck for us. We threw together another set list, filled with songs we knew, songs we’d been working on, and a couple songs we might have played only a couple times before and went for it. It was a fun night! 

On Saturday we hit the Northside Bar in Dubuque, Iowa. After Judd got done with his Saturday morning thing he hit the road and joined us in Dubuque. Turns out it was a good thing Judd had to come up later than the rest. Due to a miscommunication we unexpectedly needed our small PA for the Northside gig. I’m not sure what we would have done had Judd not been able to pack up our gear and bring it with him. Things just happen like that sometimes.
We were on our own for Saturday’s show too, but at least we knew that in advance. The place had three distinct crowds throughout the night. The rowdy crowd, our favorite, showed up around midnight and we were having so much fun we played an extra set. Good times for sure.
We want to give a big shout out to Spicoli’s Bar in Waterloo, Iowa, The Northside Bar in Dubuque, Iowa, Wild Midwest Records for setting up the gigs, and the folks in Iowa who came and enjoyed the show!
The Creek Heathens will be in Emmett, KS this Saturday playing at the Dry Creekbed Saloon!