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The Creek Heathens are an Outlaw-Trashgrass Band from the Dirty River Bottoms of Topeka Kansas. With Bluegrass, Punk, Rock-and-roll, and Country influences they have a hard driving energetic sound that gets the crowd moving. This ain't your Grandpa's bluegrass folks, this is some raw, fast paced, in your face acoustic mayhem. With their no-holds barred attitude and edgy lyrical content you never know what to expect!

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Sleep deprived, and delirious from the heat and an alcohol-fueled 3-day "Vacation" on the Elk River, the Creek Heathens were born, even if only in name and in dream. This was the summer of 2012, and that weekend was immortalized in their song "Vodka and Busch Light".


Having played together backing up local artists, they decided to part ways with their current projects and focus on the music they really wanted to play, fast paced punk country outlaw bluegrass, or more aptly called Trashgrass!
The Creek Heathens, from the Dirty River Bottoms of Topeka Kansas, come on strong and make their presence known wherever they go. The Creek Heathens present an energetic and rowdy acoustic sound that'll get your blood pumping and your ass moving.

Lamont Moldenhauer on guitar, who many claim to be extremely loud and down right vulgar, plays fast paced rhythms, hard hitting leads, and doesn't care who he offends. Everyone and everything is a target!

Terry "The Groovoligist" Wenger melds the sweet chops and blurring speed of the mandolin into his special sound!

Darrell Broxterman will pound on just about anything that makes noise, using a wood box as a base drum, a washboard and other assorted objects he adds a driving force that makes you wanna move!

David "Bassanjo Dave" Howard plays what he has dubbed the Bassanjo, an instrument he made himself, which is an odd mix of stand-up bass and banjo that makes for an interesting audio and visual experience.

Judd Henry Mason draws from his lifetime of musical interests and backgrounds to bring an interesting and dynamic banjo experience to the band. Judd has played in several bands from Kansas to California within a wide range of genres from Funky Jamband to Heavy Metal, with a little DEVO thrown in to boot. Judd joined the Creek Heathens in 2014. 

Chris Frost plays the five string fiddle with the Creek Heathens.  He joined the group in 2014 at the Walnut Valley music festival playing the Fine Time stage.  Chris has been playing music since early childhood - starting out with the classical violin, piano, guitar and moving into the 'grass' genre more recently. 

With so many interesting styles and musical backgrounds it's no wonder that they have created a sound of their own that's hard to categorize.


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