Chris' Chronicles


Day 161.

Things have gotten weird. 

I have a series of levers on my wall now (I call it my wall, but i didn't build it) that create auditory hallucinations.

I keep telling myself that this is normal - and it helps.  Rabid dog go away.

Calamity Cubes have been keeping my toes warm lately.  The Kansas City Bear Fighters and the Dewayn Brothers remind me what this is all about.

Just recently the Urban Pioneers have been dancing in my head.  Hot damn Liz - I can almost smell the ... coffee?

They let me clean myself now.  I think this is love.


Day 117 with the Creek Heathens.

They let me have more bread today and a peppermint candy.  I feel lucky just to be able to have the light of this flickering monitor as I type this with my good finger.

More Hank III pushed to me today - this is day 17 of Crazed Country Rebel and I love gettin' high - hate bein' low...

I think I'll ask that they clean my water/poop bucket later on today.  I feel lucky.