My First Bass

I found my first Bass Guitar on the way back to the hospital the day my first Daughter was born, 21 years ago! There was a guitar case in someone's trash and knowing that I wanted to someday play, I thought at least I'd have a case if I ever got a guitar. As I grabbed the case I noticed something inside clunking around. Well what was inside was a bass guitar in pieces. Everything was there but it was taken apart and partially stripped of it's red paint. What an exciting day, my lovely daughter was born and now a free bass guitar.

Now I really never intended to play any instrument in a band. I just wanted to entertain myself. I took the bass to my stepfather's and sanded the rest of the paint off and slapped it back together. Wait, I needed more to really play this thing, an amplifier. I didn't have any money to spare so I tried hooking it up to my stereo with disappointing results, I had this Magic Microphone, which was a kids toy microphone that transmitted over an FM signal, which I wired to the guitar. That didn't work out too well either. The reason for these not working too well is obvious now that I know a little more about the signal but then I was just messing around and failing.

Little did I know that the mother of my eldest daughter was related to a well known music equipment manufacturer. I'll let the name go unmentioned as I don't know how everyone would feel about this information being out there, just to be on the safe side. Her and I visited them and I took the guitar with me to see if my issues were with the guitar, which it wasn't. He plugged it into an amp and the sound was loud, clear, and pleasant.

We talked a bit about amps and the costs of a decent Bass amp and it became clear that buying a Bass amp wasn't going to be in the budget anytime soon. Hey, times were tough and money was always tight. At the end of that visit he gave HER a head and cabinet setup for me to use saying, "if the relationship ended the amp was hers".

Well, that relationship did end and through a little bartering the amp came back to me. In fact its sitting close to me right now. I'll keep it just in case the relative decides to want it back. It was a great "gift" to have access to and made all the difference.

That's how I got into playing the Bass guitar!

On a side note, I also noodle around on the guitar a bit and my first 6-string was found in the trash with the bridge loose from the body! "Drinking and Driving and Dumpster Diving" Bus Company Lyrics, look them up!

Another side note to this story is that the neck from the Bass guitar I found is now the neck on the Bassanjo. The brand says "Genrocaster", a brand I've never heard of before or since!