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So, we've gone live with our new home www.CreekHeathens.com and the response has been overwhelming! Thank you all for your support. We hope to be adding a lot more content soon as things progress. At the moment our music page www.CreekHeathens.com/Music and our Store page www.CreekHeathens.com/Store are both empty but we are working on getting them done.

As many of you know we are hard at work putting the finishing touches on our anticipated debut album "Vigilante Justice" and we hope to have it completed by the end of the month. We'll likely have MP3's ready for download even sooner. For now, have a listen a sampling of your music in the player below, AND if you haven't already, make sure to sign up to our mailing list. We'll even give a full song for download just for signing up.

We're also working on getting our Store up and running. We love seeing all of you sporting your Creek Heathen's gear and we want to give you more opportunities to get the Creek Heathen stuff you want and need. 

Since you're reading this you've found that each member of the Creek Heathens have their very own Blog space on www.CreekHeathens.com.

For Lamont's blog go to: http://www.creekheathens.com/lamont-s-loquations

For Darrell's blog go to: http://www.creekheathens.com/darrell-s-diatribes

For Terry's blog go to: http://www.creekheathens.com/terry-s-tirades

For Chris' blog go to: http://www.creekheathens.com/chris-chronicles

For Judd's blog go to: http://www.creekheathens.com/judds-jibbering-jaw

And don't forget the Creek Heathen's blog at: http://www.creekheathens.com/heathens-hollers

Since the Website just went live yesterday (January 10, 2014) you might give the rest of the Heathens a little time to write something but check back often to keep up on what's been going on with everyone.

To end this blog post I'd like to invite y'all to let me know of what kinda of features you'd like to see on www.creekheathens.com. We've got a few things in the works but we'll be continually improving the website and we'd love to hear what you'd like to see.

Bassanjo Dave

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