Bassanjo Dave's Dronings

Bassanjo Dave's Dronings

The Bassanjo is Born 

     In my last Blog post HERE I told you about my Thunderbird Bass. It was a nice machine and it played well. Since making and playing the Bassanjo I haven't really play the Thunderbird much and I recently sold it to a friend who'll get more use out of it than I will. It seems that I play the Bassanjo exclusively, much to Lamont's disdain! That my friends, is the topic of today's post!




     It's the fall of 2012, the Creek Heathens had earlier that summer been born, mostly in name…

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Thunderbird Classic-IV PRO

In my last blog post HERE I discussed my first bass guitar. I plunk around on that thing off and on over several years, through a couple serious relationships and while raising kids, but I never took it seriously or really took the time to learn how to play it. Then I got divorced and I bought a cheap acoustic guitar! We became close friends for a while, me and that guitar. I could strum several chords and throw in a few bass runs here and there and got to where I could sing…

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My First Bass 

I found my first Bass Guitar on the way back to the hospital the day my first Daughter was born, 21 years ago! There was a guitar case in someone's trash and knowing that I wanted to someday play, I thought at least I'd have a case if I ever got a guitar. As I grabbed the case I noticed something inside clunking around. Well what was inside was a bass guitar in pieces. Everything was there but it was taken apart and partially stripped of it's red paint. What an exciting day, my lovely daughter was born and…Read more

Welcome to Bassanjo Dave's Blog 

So, we've gone live with our new home and the response has been overwhelming! Thank you all for your support. We hope to be adding a lot more content soon as things progress. At the moment our music page and our Store page are both empty but we are working on getting them done.

As many of you know we are hard at work putting the finishing touches on our anticipated debut album "Vigilante Justice" and we hope to have it completed…

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